The Varying Costs Of Dental Treatment Across UK

The North To South Divide

A rather shocking study has just highlighted the amazing differences in the costs of dental care between the South and North of the country

The differences in costs have lead to over 80% of people (according to admitting that they put of north southdental treatment for as long as possible.

Huge differences in cost amounting to over 900% have been found, even for the most basic dental treatments, the study revealed.

A prime example is the dreaded root canal work, in London, private patients will pay anything up to £600.00; having the same treatment in Newcastle for instance costs just £57.00 – a difference of 953%, even a basic check-up varied widely in cost – In London patients paid an average of £125.00, in Newcastle, patients there paid just £13.00.

In-surgery teeth whitening costs were no different; Patients in Glasgow paid an average of £99.00 where as London prices averaged £895.00

Travel For Best Prices

The wide scope of prices do demonstrate the flexibility in costs for dental work, but the majority of patients seem unaware visit the dentistof the difference and would prefer to put off non essential dental work rather than travel out of their area to find cheaper treament.

Price can vary even in neighbouring citys, for instance, a dental implant currently costs around £2000 in Sheffield, but the same treatment in Manchester (roughly an hour away) costs around £650 less.

One of the treatment areas with wildly varying prices even in the same city is teeth whitening, for example in Birmingham, prices can vary from clinic to clinic and range from £160 right up to £650

Naturally prices will always vary according to the clinics or dentists experience and expertise. What clinic .com also advised to check our reviews and customer service feedback before deciding where to go for their treatment.

Cheaper Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one area of treatment that can be done at home, the development of effective home teeth whiteningteeth whitening at dentist kits has been the saviour for many thousands of men and women worldwide, with average costs ranging from £30 to £65, these kits represent excellent savings when compared with having the work done at a professional clinic or surgery.

We have reviewed countess teeth whitening kits that are available both here in the UK and across Europe and the USA and have detailed our findings on this website.

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