Theodent 300 Luxury Toothpaste

Can A £100 Toothpaste Really Make Your Teeth Worse?

 We Check Out Theodent 300

Probably the dearest toothpaste on sale anywhere, with a recommended selling price of £103.95 – Theodent 300 has hit the headlines, but for all the wrong reasons.

An article in the Daily Mail has exposed this expensive product as a potential waste or time and money, with reputable dentists claiming that you can get more benefits out of a 25p MTMwMzU3MjMyODg0Nzg3ODQztube of budget toothpaste from your local supermarket.

Theodent 300 uses a patented formula including a compound called Rennou that uses an extract of cocoa beans in place of the well known and established fluoride.. the makers tell us that has similar effects and is an effective replacement.

They claim that you can feel the effects after the very first brush and that despite its immense power that it is perfectly safe if you swallow it.

 The Full Formula

Rennou is made up of Theobromine, Calcium Acetate and Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate. The toothpaste also includes other components including:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Stevia extract
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Citric Acid
  • Spearmint Oil

 How To Use Theodent 300

Using Theodent 300 – users should brush after meals with a minimum of twice daily. after first brushing, you should rinse mouth and repeat the application to ‘maximise the effects’

 Experts Opinion

 Dr Nigel Carter – Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation lead a panel of experts who studied both this product along with several others to see if the lived up to their manufacturers claims.

His verdict was quite damning he was quoted in the Daily Mail as follows

‘I can’t find any robust scientific evidence that this works. It’s fluoride-free, so I’d be surprised if it had any decay-preventing effect, which is the key thing you want out of a toothpaste.

‘In terms of spitting rather than rinsing, I would advise everyone to do that. But brushing twice? Other than telling you to use twice as much of a very expensive toothpaste, I can’t explain that.

The price is utterly unjustified — 20 times the cost of a well-researched toothpaste for something fluoride-free. You’d be better off with a 25p fluoride toothpaste from Tesco.’

Our Thoughts

If it’s a good general toothpaste that you are looking for, you should save your money, smile4you-dental-white-kitsfollow Dr Carters advice and choose one at a fraction of the cost that contains fluoride..

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