What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

Just Why Are My Teeth Sensitive

Sensitive Teeth occurs when the enamel of the teeth gets thinner, it can leave the dentin (which protects the internal sensitive teethpulp of the tooth) exposed. This can also occur if the sufferers gums have receded. Pain or discomfort is felt when the nerves within the dentin are subjected to heat or cold, often food or drinks, but it can also me caused by exposure to cold air or contacting hard objects.

The tooths enamel can also develop small holes as we eat hard, or very hot or cold foods. these holes, although usually really tiny can allow the heat and cold to get through the enamel and travel through to the nerves.

Most toothpastes use fine abrasives to clean surface of the teeth, these include, baking soda, calcium carbonate, silica and aluminim oxide. Both Anti-Tartar and Whitening toothpastes are known to be regular causes of tooth sensitivity.

If you do suffer from sensitivity, there things that can be done, de-sensitising toothpastes or those that have a mild formula are usually quite effective.
Another cause can be agressive brushing and the hardness of the brush itself, while we may think that a hard brush will clean better, what we are actually doing is damaging the protective enamel and possibly the gums themselves.

Check Your Toothbrush

used toothbrushA good guide to see if you are pushing too hard when you brush is to look at the bristles of the tooth brush, if they have spread sideways and are pointing outwards, then its a good possibility that you are pressing too hard. (see picture)
Try and use soft tooth brushes with gentle strokes – Be light but firm.

What Can I Do About Sensitive Teeth

happy toothIf changing your toothpaste and brushing habits do not seem to help, reducing the intake of acidic foods and drinks can also have a bearing on teeth sensitivity.

happy toothSome Teeth Whitening processes can also cause sensitivity, this again is down to the whitening gel getting though the small holes in the enamel and aggravating the nerve.

happy toothA number of Teeth whitening kits also provide the option of using remineralising gels before treatment, these gels actually replenish and repair the enamel surface of the teeth, effectively sealing off the holes that allow access to the dentin and the nerves.

Naturally, serious sensitivity can be a sign of other dental problems such as serious decay or absyss, these should always be checked out by your dental surgeon.

Someone once said “Only floss the teeth you want to keep”

Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential, a minimum of at least twice yearly visits to the dentist,regular brushing and flossing are important.

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