What Causes Tooth Staining

The Causes Of Teeth Staining

Teeth can be stained by many things, a number of different drinks are among the worst wine-memory-400x400culprits, Tea, coffee and red wine are probably the most to blame along with acidic fruit juices and carbonated drinks. One way to reduce this problem is to swill water around your mouth after drinking these to try and prevent the stains from taking hold. Another way is to try and use a straw when drinking these which will protect the front teeth from exposure to the drinks.

Certain antibiotics can tarnish your smile; one of the worst is one called Tetracycline, this and its derivative Minocycline can cause a greyish blue stain on your teeth.

Some antihistamines are also known to cause teeth staining. If you feel that these or other medications are staining your teeth, then its always wise to speak to your dental professional.

tetracycline1361640147272Fluoride is important as it strengthens the tooth enamel, however too much can cause white spots to form on the enamel. Often more common in children, it can be caused from using a toothpaste high in fluoride or drinking water with a high fluoride content. If the toothpaste is deemed to be the cause, reduce the amount of actual toothpaste you use, or only brush with it every other day.

Getting older will play a part in the colour of our teeth, as we age the enamel can get worn down revealing the under-layer called dentin which is naturally a darker yellow colour.

Genetics also play apart, just how white or yellow your teeth are can be determined by how white or yellow your parents teeth are.

Some people have naturally thicker enamel, and these teeth will stay whiter for longer.

Heavily coloured food stuffs are also culprits of teeth staining, Cranberries, Soy sauce and imagesother blue or red coloured foods and drinks are very likely to stain teeth, so again, wash your mouth out or if possible brush your teeth immediately after eating these foods.

Just think of it like this; if the food stuff would stain your carpet, it will definitely stain your teeth

Injury or damage to your teeth can cause discolouration, as can certain procedures such as root canal work. Accidents happen regretfully, but maintaining good dental health such as flossing along with twice daily and gentle brushing along with regular trips to the dentists will help prolong your teeth and your white smile.

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