What Is The Best Teeth Whitening Kit

Our Top 3 Recommended Teeth Whitening Kits

From our research, we have been asked to set out what we feel to be the top 3 home whitening kits available to buy.

teeth whitening modelWe have looked at various factors including:

  • Reputation of the product,
  • Ease of use,
  • Price,
  • Results
  • Customer service/guarantees

Our #3 Teeth Whitening Kit

Whiter Than White.

Our Star Rating3 stars

The whiter than white teeth whitening solution is available in two formats, firstly the all singing, all dancing professional kit that features factory made personalised dental trays. This kit is sold in two parts, part one of the kit contains all you need to make the plaster impressions of your teeth, these are then returned to the manufacturers who make personalised teeth trays and then return these to you along with part two of the kit which contains the whitening gel, whitening chart and full instructions.

This two step kit retails at just under £100 so is the most expensive of all home kits reviewed. The manufacturers offer a 30 day money back guarantee on this kit

Cheaper versionwhiter than white

The manufacturers of whiter than white also supply a similar and cheaper kit. Instead of the custom made trays, it uses thermoform dental trays which users use at home to shape to their teeth. Quite simply these are placed in hot water, when they have softened in the hot water users place them over the teeth and as the tray cools it hardens and takes the shape of the user’s teeth. This kit uses the same gel as the 2 part kit.

The cheaper kit costs around £50 but the suppliers do not offer any money back guarantee on this product.

There are other similar kits available that are better value

The manufacturer’s website does have a wealth of customer reviews, all in all these are split somewhat down the middle, some people rave about the product, other users have been very disappointed with the results. Biggest adverse comments were reserved for the making of the custom made trays, it took time to get them back from the factory and also the process of making moulds made a lot of people gag and they were not always successful

Whiter than White can be bought direct from their official website

Read Our review on Whiter Than White

Our #2 Teeth Whitening Kit

Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Star Rating4 stars

Of all the kits tested, this kit is without doubt the most convenient to use, the active whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth using thetransformulas teeth whitening application wand. This whole kit is compact enough to keep in your handbag or briefcase and has been designed for use as and when required.

It takes around 4 minutes to complete the treatment, the manufacturers state that quite drastic results can be achieve if used twice a day for 14 days. Following the initial period, touch ups can be applied as and when required.

The supplier’s website doesn’t have any customer reviews at the moment

The suppliers will refund all orders if returned unopened within 28 days

Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening Kit is available from Evolution Slimming’s on-line store for the cost of £19.99 (usual rrp £24.95)

Buy Transformulas Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Our #1 Teeth Whitening Kit

Star Rating5 stars

Highly Recommended

Dr Georges Dental White supplied by Smile4you

Smile4You are the UK’s recognised supplier of Dr Georges Dental White teeth whitening kit. Developed in the USAsmile4you over 14 years ago, It is ranked the number 1 teeth whitening kit over there. It has been used by many thousands of American customers and is also the preferred choice of many Cosmetic Dental Surgeons.

It is currently one of only a handful of teeth whitening kits to have full FDA approval.

The kit uses dental grade whitening gel and will provide immediate results (within 30 minutes) using a simple 4 step process.

The kit uses Thermoform dental trays so users can make trays that fit and suit their own teeth. The kit has a tremendous shelf life of two years, so that touch up treatments can be done as and when required

Smile 4you also supply sensibly priced accessories such as a personal blue laser light mouthpiece (£5.99) to reduce the treatment time and also Remineralization gels (£3.99)that will strengthen the tooth enamel and enhance the whitening process.

Read Our Smile4you Review

30 minute resultsThe smile4you website is packed with hints, tips and customer reviews. The customer care is second to none, with easy access to the suppliers by email, and phone who will answer questions and queries immediately.

Constantly featured in the media in the USA and over here, this really is the best kit available.

Smile4you offer a full 14 day money back guarantee

They sell the Dr Georges Dental White kit for £24.99

Buy Dr Georges Dental White from Smile4You

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