Whiter Smiles At Christmas

Brighter Smiles At Christmas Time

Christmas is a time for celebration, the presents, the food and drink, getting together with family and friends, You may be going to the Office Xmas party, or maybe a night out with your best friends. You might just simply be getting together as a family, one of the only times during the year that you are all together. You will no doubt be taking lots of white smiles at xmasphotos to record the festivities.

You will have bought new outfits and had your hair and nails done, you really look the part, that is aside from your smile, all that coffee and red wine that you drink during the year has really stained your teeth, so what do you do?

Your Dentist will be able to give your teeth a thorough clean, but this will not get rid of all the staining, they may well recommend that you let them carry out teeth whitening at their surgery, this is great, but at Xmas, do you really want the expense of another £200 plus to have the work done at the dentist?.

Especially when you can do the work easily, safely and far cheaper at home.

There are various kits available to buy and one that has been proven to give not only great results, but proven safe to use, is Smile4You’s Dental White.

Why Choose Dental White

Originating from the USA, Dental White has been on sale for 15 years; it has been sold in its millions worldwide, and is the preferredteeth whitening choice of countless professional cosmetic Dentists. The only fully FDA approved kit currently available, it uses dental grade Carbamide Peroxide of a sensible strength, at 16% concentration; it is strong enough to provide effective whitening, without causing any of the teeth sensitivity associated with other kits.

Dental White will whiten your teeth up to eleven shades whiter at a mere fraction of the cost of having the work done in a dental surgery.

Home Whitening kits start at less than £30 and contain enough whitening gel for at least 240 applications

Dental White can be bought from the official Smile4You website,

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