Why Are My Teeth Stained

Red Wine And Stained Teeth

You may not be aware of this but if you are one of millions of us who enjoy a glass of red wine that we may be drinking red winepermanently staining our teeth.

It’s the same with those of us that enjoy that cup of tea or a frothy cappuccino; the substances in these drinks attach to the teeth enamel and gradually build a deep, dark stain that is increasingly harder to remove, even with intensive brushing.

Are You Embarrassed By Your Yellow Smile

People with yellow or stained teeth, are generally less confident and prefer to not smile in photographs, and if recent studies are to be believed, are not viewed as socially acceptable as those with white teeth.

The good thing is that something can be done about it….

Restore Your White Smile

Teeth whitening has been available for many years, most dental surgeries offer the procedure along with some beauty spas and salons.

The problem however has been the cost of these treatments, having your teeth whitened professionally can cost upwards of £200 with some dental clinics charging in excess of £500.

When you consider the fact that a complete course of whitening could take several treatments, professional whitening can prove simply out of reach financially for many people especially in these troubled economic times.

Consider Whitening Your Teeth At Home

The development of home teeth whitening kits over the past 15 years has changed the appearance (and lives) of home teeth whitening kitsmillions of users worldwide. A good kit uses exactly the same ingredients and method as professional whitening, but usually at a mere fraction of the cost.

There are kits to suit all budgets, but is worth doing your research before buying.

We have evaluated most of the popular products currently available, and the reviews can be read on this website.

To help make your buying decision easier, we have put together a list of what we believe to be the best three whitening kits available to buy today.

Top Three Home Teeth Whitening Kits

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