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 Safe And Painless Teeth Whitening.

Recent changes in EU regulations have outlawed certain peroxide based teeth whitening kits, these changes, coupled with the fact that many people suffer with teeth sensitivity have led to the development of peroxide free kits that both comply with the new regulations and give none of the adverse side effects associated with some high strengtha8c387daed5af439b4624cb16c7b9b231 peroxide kits.

Of these, the kit supplied by Zero Peroxide ticks all the boxes, 100% legal throughout the UK and Europe, and guaranteed to be totally painless.

Zero Peroxide Will Give You

  •  Discomfort Free Whitening Process
  • Results Visible In As Little As 20 Minutes
  • Approved And Recommended Formula
  • Unique Mouth Trays And Blue LED Light With Every Kit
  • 30 Day Money back Guarantee

Ingredients In Zero Peroxide

When developing Zero Peroxide, the makers have looked at all aspects of dental care, this product not only whitens teeth naturally and quickly, but it also contains ingredients that both strengthen and protect the teeth.

The key ingredient is Sodium Bicarbonate (AKA baking Soda) this is clinically proven to both clean and whiten teeth. Other pure natural ingredients including Pomegranate, Chamomile and Sodium Fluoride that work together to both protect and strengthen teeth.

Zero Peroxide Official Website

Improved Mouth Trays

The majority of home kits provide ‘boil and bite’ teeth trays, these need to be boiled and then placed into your mouth to form a mould of your teeth, although they can be effective, this process can cause problems for some leading to repeated re-moulding and even spoiled trays.

The trays supplied with Zero Peroxide are made from soft silicone, these are extremely comfortable to wear and do not need the hassle of trying to make them fit.

Additional Products

The kit also includes two accessories as standard that are optional extras in most other kits.

font-b-Teeth-b-font-Whitener-font-b-Bleaching-b-font-font-b-Tooth-b-300x279An effective Blue LED light is crucial for fast teeth whitening, as used in most professional Dental surgeries, it makes the whitening gel react faster, speeding and improving the results.

A Whitening Pen, is also included in the kit, usually sold as an optional extra by most companies, this portable whitening pen contains the same gel as in the main kit, and is perfect for those quick ‘whitening touch ups’ that you can be done when required where ever you are.

Each kit is supplied in a handy travel case that enables you to transport your kit with you wherever you are.

Easy Three Step Process

The best thing about the Zero Peroxide Kit is its simplicity of use ;

Step 1 -Place a thin line of whitening gel into the teeth trays,

Step 2 -Place over teeth and turn the led light unit on.

Step 3 – Wear for 20 minutes before removing and rinsing mouth with water. -It really is that simple!!.

This is a plus point when comparing against professional methods as these can take up to an hour, and cost you up to 75% more.

Zero Peroxide Is The Cheaper And More Convenient Option

How White Will My Teeth Get With Zero Peroxide

The makers tell us that an improvement of between 5 and 8 shades of white over a 3 -4 week period are commonplace

Does Zero Peroxide Work

There is plenty of evidence pertaining to the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate as a tooth zero-peroxide-reviewwhitener, the addition of pomegranate and Chamomile, two natural healing ingredients add to the health giving benefits provided by Zero Peroxide.

The Testimonials on the official website do appear to confirm the manufacturer’s claim of an effective, affordable and safe way to whiten your teeth.

This fact is also backed up by the long 30 day cash back guarantee that covers all orders.

Quite simply, this guarantee is longer than most if not all comparable products, with pleasing results, or your money back, What have you got to lose???

Our Thoughts On Zero Peroxide

The Best Non Peroxide Kit Out There By Far – Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Zero Peroxide

At the moment the only place to buy Zero Peroxide is the official website, full kits cost £59.99, at least 75% cheaper than having the work done professionally.

For Painless Teeth Whitening At A Price You Can Afford

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